Hi everyone!

Firstly, I would like to explore what it means to be/contribute to the “culture of writing”. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself with the topic before speaking on it.

I found an article by Ann Handley, titled “10 Ways to Create a Culture of Writing“, which was extremely useful when it came to learning about the culture as well as figuring out ways to be a part of it. In summary, the author suggests that we are all writers, whether or not we think we are. “We write emails. We post social updates. We create content on LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Facebook. We write landing pages or blog posts or homepage content or product descriptions or memos to our teams” (Handley). In addition to this, Handley says we should practice writing every single day, trying to shape our styles and voice. Although grammar is important, we are allowed to make mistakes in order to improve as writers. Focus on your thought process first, following editing shortly after. After these steps, Handley discusses getting more into the business as a whole. When it comes to hiring editors, collaborating, training, and companies; these are useful trying to make a professional career out of writing culture!

After taking many different courses that are meant to skill me in the art of writing, I have learned that the culture behind it is constantly changing. Poetry pushed me to enter the environment in the first place, whereas free-writing allowed me to better myself. I take use of the writing center (as well as potentially becoming a tutor there), and seeing the possibility that it may become multi-literate. Even the art behind the culture of writing is essential; to me, it is its very soul!


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