Writing Center!

1536_frontThis picture is of Roosevelt Hall on the University of Rhode Island’s campus, where the writing center sits. It is a rather small, homey environment that allows students in need to be tutored. I wanted to discuss this as I am taking Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy, which, in other words, teaches me how to tutor students. I now have the option to apply to work at the writing center on campus!

You can find out more about the writing center here.

The writing center is a model in which writing culture is physically expressed. I have witnessed students being tutored on any form of writing, reflecting the importance of practice and bettering yourself. Writing culture is about improving, so this entity on campus is the perfect location to do so! In my class, I have learned just how important this overlooked piece of campus is. I had the opportunity of tutoring Writing 104 students, and heard how most of them do not even know where the writing center is located. In all honesty, before the class, I had never taken a look at it either, but now I see its resourcefulness. Even if you are confident in your writing, it can’t hurt to sign up for a free tutoring session! My tip: go days/weeks before your paper is due. That way you will have time to truly sit down and edit, rather than just frantically panicking about it the night before. In addition, you should even visit if you are having trouble starting the paper. I have learned that the tutors are there to better you and your writing. This shows how strong of a community the people involved in writing culture are!


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